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Hull's Leading Wet Rot Specialists

Damp-Tech Hull employ several methods for the treatment of Wet Rot.

Wet Rot
Wet Rot also known as cellar fungus, if left unattended, will destroy the internal fabric of timber.

The remedy for this form of rot is by the application of a fungicidal paste applied to the surface or in the case of bigger timbers injected into the centre wood.

Damp-Tech for all your Wet Rot problems.

Wet Rot is a very common and much less serious property 'ailment' than some of the other afflictions that can set back your building (and your bank balance)!

It is mainly caused by a fungus called Coniophora puteana which only infects very damp wood and causes it to decay, and thereby lose strength. Unlike dry rot, wet rot cannot spread into walls.

Call us for a free survey and quote now that could solve a future major problems or recurrence. We can firstly eradicate the water issue, since dry timber does not rot we will find and fix where the water is coming from.

Then we will treat the problem, this could be with a simple treatment or in bad cases could mean replacing timber. All work carried out in a professional manner by Hull Damp-Tech, along with 20 or 30 years guarantee, treating Hull wet rot for the past 26 years.

Wet Rot Treatments

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